Available Floor Plans in Lakeland, FL

Available Floor Plans in Lakeland, FL

Fall in love with the place you live when you start your building journey with a review of our available floor plans in Lakeland, FL. Tapia Construction works with a broad slice of the community, so we understand that every family has a different set of needs. They each have a unique circumstance, so they deserve a floor plan that helps them enjoy life to the fullest.

We’ve developed a number of exclusive plans that make efficient use of space and allow you to enjoy the things that brought you to this community. You are sure to find your future home when you build with a group that adapts to the needs of the client.

Find Your New Home

A floor plan is a foundation for your interior experience, so take the time to choose something that is anything but ordinary. While many neighborhoods in this state can look repetitive, our plans allow you to create something that others will admire.

Quality Home Construction

Build something that can grow and adapt at the same pace as your family. Our home plans include master suites and exercise rooms, depending on your needs. Each of the plans listed below is exclusive to our group, so they cannot be copied by just any construction company. Build in one of our growing communities and join others that are already in love with their homes.